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The Fall is my Spring

The Fall is my Spring. It is a time for me to reflect all that was in the year past and renew myself. I hope to give birth to new ideas, hopes, dreams, projects, adventures that will aid in my expansion, the expansion of others and of the Universe. I am almost perpetually in a state of gratitude for all that I have in this precious life. The gift of music and voice and song, love for myself and for another, family, work that fulfills me, the beautiful natural world that surrounds me and the feeling of physical and emotional harmony within myself. I go inward for a time and then seek putting forth new recordings.. a new EP entitled “Gratitude” to share with the world. I will once again seek the help of David Houston who is simply the best recording engineer and producer that one can find. I look forward to working together with Fred Nelson, Jr. my loving partner and friend and other talented musicians as they become part of the divine flow. I wrote the following this morning without thinking…only feeling…
Creative Oneness hold me close to the earth’s bosom and nurture me so that I can nurture others and we can nurture each other. Blessed are the animals, rocks, trees and minerals to teach us how to live in synchronicity with You which is ultimately Me. Water flows through us all in our divine connection, our sacredness and desire to love all that is. We are coming home to ourselves slowly and yet so quickly. I believe in the sanctity of our endeavors. There is no wrong or right. There is only love and forgiveness for ourselves. We are learning. Source is learning through us and the Mother Earth bears the brunt of our transgressions. Feel, feel, feel and raise your vibration higher and higher to that of Source. The silence is beautiful as is the sound of water, birds… humming beautiful tones. Love all that is. Hate is forgotten..dismembered..useless..a tool for those who are empty. Love! Love! Love!