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Lady Cybele– upcoming CD 2018 “Gratitude”

I got a story to tell and it’s really quite simple
But you may not believe it because the truth they hid it so well
The earth she is our mother and she’s sacred and alive
And once upon a time the people treated her so kind

We gently borrowed from her forests and pulled from her streams
And always blessed and prayed for the needed living things
The groves were sacred places the people shared the land
The people lived in harmony woman equal to the man

Then came a great upheaval and a taking of the mind
They said the earth was dead and so was womankind
So was womankind

It came down from the Hebrew and the Christian churches
300 years of killing to rid the world of witches
To serve the men with money now the earth was meant for using
Religion was the tool for male domination

For five thousand years the planet’s been at war
How much more can she take before we break her heart
Before we break her heart

She said god was in nature and nature’s female
The goddess is the earth the source of love and healing
Lady Cybele was a witch that spoke the truth to me
If you want peace and harmony then follow Lady Cybele

Then came a great upheaval by the women and the children
5000 years of war and patriarchy ending
Patriarchy ending

Can you hear the sound of peace and love around
The Goddess sacredness the sacredness surrounds
There’s so much more to tell now tell it for it’s too late
And end this world of violence, destruction, fear and hate

Love the mother in yourself and each other

Copyright 2014 Jenn Rogar. All rights reserved. Please sing and perform with permission.