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  • Jenn Rogar Sings Her Story from a Mountain Top: the Interview, January 22, 2021

    By Pieter Pastoor

    Below is a short bio of Jenn Rogar.

    “I started singing as a child in my room growing up in Los Angeles (Van Nuys and Woodland Hills) to singers like Elton John, Helen Reddy and Julie Andrews. I put on plays in my garage that I wrote and performed in for my neighbors. In high school I played flute in the band and was too shy to sing. During the Karaoke craze I began to perform and also sang the title song on a CD put out by my church. I sang and performed with Monkey Business, a light-hearted singing telegram service in Sacramento in the late ’80s. I have sung and performed in some fashion my whole life.

    “In the late ’90s I became a singer-songwriter in the tradition of Joan Baez, who accompanies herself on an acoustic guitar, and began performing in that fashion in …

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  • Sacramento folk singer Jenn Rogar plays music with a message

    By Zachary Ahern, Submerge, May 29, 2013

    It quickly became clear that Jenn Rogar is much more than just a singer performing folk music as a hobby. She is an artist actively trying to change the world and just happens to be a talented singer and songwriter who spreads her beliefs through song.

    As a schoolteacher, law practitioner and mother, Rogar has a wealth of life experience to draw upon. She has also been playing music off and on since 1998, as time permits or whenever she receives waves of inspiration. As it turns out, she wasn’t even familiar with the folk music genre until she met her friend and mentor, singer Diane Patterson while attending college to become a schoolteacher. Rogar cites Patterson, a fellow political leftist, activist and socially conscious local, as a main inspiration for launching her music career.

    Rogar debuted Place Called Humanity, a …

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  • The personal is political

    Sacramento singer-songwriter Jenn Rogar’s folk songs encompass homelessness, global politics and affairs of the heart

    By Rachel Leibrock, Sac. News & Review, Jan. 16, 2014

    The first time Jenn Rogar delved into activism, it struck the singer-songwriter as kind of strange.

    It was the early 2000s, and Rogar, outraged by the government’s post-September 11 actions in Iraq, grabbed her guitar to join a protest.

    “I got out there and sang and marched—I’d never marched before,” she says now. “I felt kind of funny, like I was doing something wrong, but then it was also a liberating feeling.”

    Certainly, it fit the path Rogar had already forged both creatively and intellectually.

    “I’m a big Joan Baez fan,” she says of the ’60s-era activist folk singer. “I majored in history and dated a guy who was a Communist. I’m definitely left and I’m definitely a Democrat.”

    In the years since that …

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    July 15, 2022

    Hello everyone! After 14 months of hard “work” and diligent fun, Bee Love is finished and will be distributed online and in CD/album format on August 8th! I am so excited! I think this album is just wonderful and I think you will too! I arranged the songs in the order of one’s life and in fact my life from birth to my Spiritual Awakening. Life for me began with joy and innocence at birth and moved into the the hopes and dreams of a youth. It matured with marriage and the love of my children as a young mother. …

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  • Jenn sings live on KZFR fm 90.1 Chico

    May 29, 2022

    Jenn sang live on KZFR fm radio 90.1 in Chico with Guillermo Mash on May 28th. Guillermo, radio host and activist for the homeless states after hearing some tracks from the new album Bee Love (coming out this Summer 2022), Jenn has a “country angelic voice that accents the lyrics beautifully!” Jenn performs July 10th at Secret Trail Brewery in Chico, CA…

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  • Bee Love the album coming Spring 2022!

    December 19, 2021



    Bee Love is a labor of LOVE that we have been working on since last May recording in Sacramento, California at Moon Studios with the legendary recording engineer and  arranger David Houston. This album is unlike the other two in that it has a LOT of instrumentation on it–Acoustic and Electric guitar (Sacramento acclaimed guitarist Steve McLane), Drums, Percussion and Bass (Fred Nelson Jr. Oleander fame) ,Cello (Allison), Strings, Saxophone, Harmonies (Laura McClane) and more! Fred Nelson Jr, my drummer for the last 7 years and musical partner and soulmate artfully arranged all of the songs along with …

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“Jenn’s music is described as ‘healing’ with ‘great warmth and authenticity.'” – News10 Sacramento

“I’ll definitely put it on my favorites playlist!” – Peggy Bean, KVMR Women’s Collective