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Hello everyone! After 14 months of hard “work” and diligent fun, Bee Love is finished and will be distributed online and in CD/album format on August 8th! I am so excited! I think this album is just wonderful and I think you will too! I arranged the songs in the order of one’s life and in fact my life from birth to my Spiritual Awakening. Life for me began with joy and innocence at birth and moved into the the hopes and dreams of a youth. It matured with marriage and the love of my children as a young mother. Life later became somewhat murky as unresolved wounds surfaced and slowly grew into darkness as time went on. With the cooling off of the ego and the beginnings of true empathy for others I reemerged at the other end here in Mount Shasta living in a state of Gratitude and LOVE. Why the title of BEE Love? Bees are essential to my singing voice and I use their bee pollen as medicine every day to keep my voice clear and healthy. Bees are so beautiful! I will let you decide what songs feel like to you. The CD begins and ends with joy and hope. I will be doing a CD release show here in Mount Shasta and Sacramento where I spent many years singing and performing, writing and recording. Once again I have had the joy of working with David Houston (Club Nouveau, Toni Tony Tone) at Moon Studios in Sacramento and also collaborated with my good friend and musical partner Fred Nelson Jr. drummer extraordinaire, (Oleander) percussionist, bass player and arranger. I will spend this year and next year promoting BEE LOVE  doing radio and TV interviews and performing all over the country! Soon we will begin work on his project with David of his songs with Fred singing and playing acoustic guitar on an EP to be released in 2023.   Let us BEE LOVE to each other in these trying times and God Bless!