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Hello everyone! After 14 months of hard “work” and diligent fun, Bee Love is finished and will be distributed online and in CD/album format on August 8th! I am so excited! I think this album is just wonderful and I think you will too! I arranged the songs in the order of one’s life and in fact my life from birth to my Spiritual Awakening. Life for me began with joy and innocence at birth and moved into the the hopes and dreams of a youth. It matured with marriage and the love of my children as a young mother. Life later became somewhat murky as unresolved wounds surfaced and slowly grew into darkness as time went on. With the cooling off of the ego and the beginnings of true empathy for others I reemerged at the other end here in Mount Shasta living in a state of Gratitude and LOVE. Why the title of BEE Love? Bees are essential to my singing voice and I use their bee pollen as medicine every day to keep my voice clear and healthy. Bees are so beautiful! I will let you decide what songs feel like to you. The CD begins and ends with joy and hope. I will be doing a CD release show here in Mount Shasta and Sacramento where I spent many years singing and performing, writing and recording. Once again I have had the joy of working with David Houston (Club Nouveau, Toni Tony Tone) at Moon Studios in Sacramento and also collaborated with my good friend and musical partner Fred Nelson Jr. drummer extraordinaire, (Oleander) percussionist, bass player and arranger. I will spend this year and next year promoting BEE LOVE  doing radio and TV interviews and performing all over the country! Soon we will begin work on his project with David of his songs with Fred singing and playing acoustic guitar on an EP to be released in 2023.   Let us BEE LOVE to each other in these trying times and God Bless!

Jenn sings live on KZFR fm 90.1 Chico

Jenn sang live on KZFR fm radio 90.1 in Chico with Guillermo Mash on May 28th. Guillermo, radio host and activist for the homeless states after hearing some tracks from the new album Bee Love (coming out this Summer 2022), Jenn has a “country angelic voice that accents the lyrics beautifully!” Jenn performs July 10th at Secret Trail Brewery in Chico, CA

Bee Love the album coming Spring 2022!



Bee Love is a labor of LOVE that we have been working on since last May recording in Sacramento, California at Moon Studios with the legendary recording engineer and  arranger David Houston. This album is unlike the other two in that it has a LOT of instrumentation on it–Acoustic and Electric guitar (Sacramento acclaimed guitarist Steve McLane), Drums, Percussion and Bass (Fred Nelson Jr. Oleander fame) ,Cello (Allison), Strings, Saxophone, Harmonies (Laura McClane) and more! Fred Nelson Jr, my drummer for the last 7 years and musical partner and soulmate artfully arranged all of the songs along with David Houston. Every song is ALIVE and SENTIMENTAL, TOE TAPPING AND BODY MOVING! It is PROGRESSIVE FOLK MUSIC/SOULFUL FOLK/ADULT CONTEMPORARY. A few of the tracks are simply folk music and others are rock or jazz based. BEE LOVE is the title track as I have learned since moving to Mount Shasta in 2020 that to BEE LOVE is to live in FREEDOM, JOY AND GRATITUDE. These are trying and still beautiful times of amazing change and we MUST LOVE EACH OTHER!  I am so excited to release this album this Spring of 2022 on VINYL, CD AND OVER 150 DIGITAL MEDIA PLATFORMS, You Tube and more!  Also available is the BEE LOVE MERCHANDISE and Bee Love and Place Called Humanity and The River CDs on my website and at shows.  I will have an upcoming series of ALBUM RELEASE CONCERTS at venues that allows all persons whether vaccinated or unvaccinated to attend with or without masks. This is my third album and certainly not the last! We will keep recording at least once a month with David Houston until another album is completed. My focus is songs that are about LOVE AND HEALING AND LAUGHTER! Now that I have all the free time in the world to write and make music, that is what i intend to do!  My family comes first and then the music. Thank you to James Israel for maintaining this site.  Thanks for listening!! Blessed Be! Today is my birthday too! Yay!

Music is Life! Love and Light! Jenn

Bee Love!

Bee Love! the new album by Jenn Rogar is entering its final stages of production and is expected to be out on vinyl, CD and can be purchased here in the store streaming on all the bests playlists by December 19th which is  Jenn’s birthday! Stay tuned! Also you may have noticed by visiting this site that Jenn is no longer on mainstream social media. You can find her at Signal.org. You can reach her by emailing jenn@jennrogar.com.

Celebration of Life for my father, Michel Rogar

This Friday August 20th, 2021 we are finally able to have a CELEBRATION OF LIFE event for my father Michel Rogar from 4-8 pm at the Tahoe Club in Auburn, CA. Below are excerpts of my dad speaking in interviews I did with him beginning in 2015 about his life. This winter when it’s cold outside and there is a lot of snow here in Mount Shasta, I will be writing my father’s story in a book. I took some time since his peaceful passing from this world on December 15th, 2019 to reflect and grieve and I was not ready to hear his voice, Now I am. I hope you enjoy these audio clips. Listen to one or all four. There are more that I will eventually upload so that you can hear his voice whenever you wish. I hope all is well with you, his framily (friends and family). Many blessings, Love and Light! Jennifer Rogar

Yes, I am a Sammie Award nominee!

It is nice to be acknowledged by the music industry folks in Sacramento and it is nice for Sacramento News and Review magazine to create these awards and host a concert each year. If you would like to vote for me for best Singer-Songwriter you can go to this link: https://go.newsreview.com/sammies/ Here is the song that I attached. You can listen to it here. I chose this song because of the beautiful harmonies of Sandra Delores, and the beautiful instrumentation by Mike Farrell on electric guitar and bass and Eric Everett on drums. I love Mount Shasta and I hope by featuring this song it will inspire you to go visit Her. Again, it is nice to just be nominated and to those who did, thank you!! And thank you to all who support my music by coming to the shows, or buying CD’s and going to our wonderful venues in Sacramento. I am venturing out this year to play more of California and have a third CD/Album in the works that I hope to have out in stores, online and at shows by June.

Peace, Jenn


How we can help the homeless

Hello Everyone!! Happy Halloween, Samhain, Dia De los Muertos and Thanksgiving! I love the coming Fall season with the brown gold leaves falling and the nights getting cooler and the skies a bit cloudy. The Fall season has always felt like the beginning of the year for me. It is also the beginning of the year in a dangerous way for those who are homeless or unhoused in Sacramento and elsewhere and I urge you to collect gently used hats, sweaters, coats, scarves, blankets and socks that you have in your closet or that you can purchase at a local thrift store and donate directly to the homeless by going to Cesar Chavez Park on Sundays from 8-10 am and finding CAFFE (Clothing and Food For Everyone) along 9th Street and Armando will be happy to take these items off your hands. Or you can go to the Community Dinner Project on Tuesdays at 430pm in front of City Hall along 9th Street. You are more than welcome to cook or donate food and provide if at all possible organic food to serve to our guests.  We also need The Community to donate their time and attend or speak at the city council meetings on a regular basis on matters that matter to you and all of us! It’s your city! A few week backs I brought my guitar and sang (and spoke) to them singing a take from Pete Seeger’s Where Have All The Flowers Gone ..“Where Have all the benches gone/bathrooms/shelters etc. “Gone to Developers everyone!” You can watch it on the city council meetings archives.  Come see how they act, talk, leave and generally treat local activists and speakers who get up to speak. A whole lotta gaslightin’ goin’ on by your mayor! Public comment period moved to the end again..shame! Hurts the elderly who have time to be involved. On November 30th the City Council will vote to approve or disapprove the $20 million allocated to the city/county for homeless emergency housing! I will be there with guitar in hand once again! Another homeless activist group led by Sister Libby Fernandez would love to take those warm winter clothes off your hands. You can reach out to Sister Libby Fernandez and the Mercy Pedalers. She and her group go out on bicycles and deliver much needed supplies to the homeless downtown. There is a sister group in the Arden area.·

It is beginning to get cooler in the mornings in Sacramento. #Mercypedalersare in need of hats, gloves, scarves and blankets for those who are waking up cold in the mornings living on the streets!
call me at 916-879-5581 or email me at Lfernandez@mercywmw.org

I have a Facebook page I created awhile back called Friends of the Homeless in Sacramento that you can join and submit any information that will help the homeless and also if you know someone who is homeless and has a phone and/or access to a computer in a library they can also join and find out where to get help or just connect and know that we care and are trying to help end homelessness. There is also the Community Dinner Project on Facebook and CAFFE. There is also a Facebook page for Sacramento Safe Space for Unhomed Youth administered and vigorously attended to by Kimberly Church.

Here’s my music schedule for November!! Hope you all can make one or all of the shows!

Fox and Goose Pub Nov 3, 2018

9-midnight $5 cover at the door 21+

Skylers Pool Gillian Underwood and the Lonesome Doves and Jenn Rogar and Fred Nelson Jr.

Skyler’s Pool is an indie-rock band out of Sacramento that plays original music and features husband and wife duo Kitty O’Neal and Kurt Spataro. Playing music in different bands together since the 80’s, Kitty is also the Afternoon News Anchor on KFBK AM/FM and Kurt is the Executive Chef/Co-Owner in the Paragary Restaurant Group. Drummer Fred Nelson, Jr. (Oleander) and versatile Lori Sacco-Nelson (Funk Shui) are joined in Skyler’s Pool by bassist Bob Lo Russo. Jenn Rogar is a local singer-songwriter of Contemporary Folk music with a country, jazz, pop, rock, blues and socially conscious twist accompanying herself on acoustic guitar and backed up by the awesome drum sounds of Fred Nelson Jr. Gillian plays dark and intelligent alt-country love songs with two sultry female voices. Join us for a night of great local female fronted music groups.


1217 21st Street, Sacramento, CA

Jenn Rogar returns to sing two solo sets accompanying herself on acoustic guitar from 5-7pm Happy Hour! at Kupros Crafthouse (the old Cheapthrills!) Jenn will be performing easy listening original songs tinged in jazz, pop, country, blues and social consciousness. Jenn also sings the folk songs you love from Phil Ochs, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and more and old traditional folk songs or public domain songs that have stood the test of time. Jenn loves the standards as well and will sing her own arrangements of classics from the Great American Songbook. Singing along is encouraged.

Kupros is a warm haunt in midtown Sacramento and is a 1910  two story Craftsman house with globally inspired pub grub, craft beers, wines, cocktails and outdoor seating.No cover. 21+

Peace and blessings to you and yours! Music unites, provokes, changes and heals!

Jenn Rogar

Healing Folk Music to soothe and raise vibrations

Jenn Rogar, the water goddess, performs songs about mother earth, sacred water,
the joys and follies of earthlings, the goddess, as well as, traditional and contemportary folk songs. Jenn Rogar is an activist folk singer/songwriter in the tradition of Joan Baez and Woody Guthrie singing songs about social justice issues and yet she blazes a new trail in singing original songs about the living mother earth and her sacred waters, the goddess and all her sacred beings as well as the joys and follies of earthlings! Jenn’s voice is described as “soothing” “ethereal” and having “a naturalness”. Jenn’s love of nature and freedom grew as a young girl riding her horse , Missy, everyday through the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and inspired her to sing for the purpose of inspiring others to care about the earth and her creatures. One day in 2008 Jenn chose music over her horse ,Epona , so she could devote all her time and resources to singing and recording. Jenn sings whenever and wherever people will listen. For more go to her website at www.jennrogar.com.  Two CD’s are available via i-tunes and her website and a third CD “Gratitude” will be available in the Spring of 2018.

Music description: Healing Folk Music to soothe and raise vibrations

Playing the Fool–upcoming CD 2018 “Gratitude”

Playing The Fool Words and Music by Jenn Rogar 2015 Copyright. Use with Permission

You caused me to shed a few tears
And I wasn’t looking but you found me right here
Missing you baby
Ooh it is crazy
That I could fall for you my dear

You gave me a line I could read
I started to wonder how your body could feel
Say that it ain’t true
That you and I are through
Before it even got heated

Was it to hurt her
Or make you feel better
What were the chances that we’d get together
Caught in between your drives and your schemes
Now I only have you in my dreams

You caused me to want to love you
I’ll just try to hide it that’s all I can do
Now you’ve gone back to her
Caused me a stir
and I’m playing the fool

Now you’ve gone back to her
Caused me a stir
and I am playing the fool

You caused me to shed a few tears

Recorded 2016 at David Houston Moon Studios, Sacramento, CA
Acoustic guitar/vocals: Jenn Rogar
Electric guitar: Steve Mclane
Bass: Ken Rabiroff
Drums: Fred Nelson Jr.

Jenn Rogar performs at Silo’s in Napa, CA

Jenn Rogar will be performing at Silo’s in Napa,Ca on September 17th, 2015. Travers Clifford (son of Dakota Sid) on lead guitar, dobro and mandolin. Fred Nelson, Jr. (Oleander) on drums, L.P Avery on bass.
See attached to order tickets.

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