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Celebration of Life for my father, Michel Rogar

This Friday August 20th, 2021 we are finally able to have a CELEBRATION OF LIFE event for my father Michel Rogar from 4-8 pm at the Tahoe Club in Auburn, CA. Below are excerpts of my dad speaking in interviews I did with him beginning in 2015 about his life. This winter when it’s cold outside and there is a lot of snow here in Mount Shasta, I will be writing my father’s story in a book. I took some time since his peaceful passing from this world on December 15th, 2019 to reflect and grieve and I was not ready to hear his voice, Now I am. I hope you enjoy these audio clips. Listen to one or all four. There are more that I will eventually upload so that you can hear his voice whenever you wish. I hope all is well with you, his framily (friends and family). Many blessings, Love and Light! Jennifer Rogar

Well hello!

Hello friends and family !
I have not written in over a year . I took some time off after the passing of my father on December 15th, 2019. My father was the best father any girl could have and I will miss him dearly. He left this world peacefully in his sleep with a smile on his face and as if in the midst of a dream . My beautiful mother passed away in 2008. My brother and I now hold on to each other as only siblings can do when they become children without parents to guide them .
I retired from my teaching job in Sacramento after teaching for 25 years and I moved to my favorite mountain Mount Shasta, California. I purchased a beautiful home on a half acre. I spent the year here mostly at home , walking the mountain with my son and daughter and dog Paris, a rescued German Shepard. My children also left Sacramento and moved up here with me because of the pandemic. We all are healing because it is a healing place and the mountain has spiritual power.
This past summer was also a frightening time living in a place surrounded by fires and the mountain was closed down for the second half  of the summer and not accessible. I was able to sing once a week for awhile in the local Shasta Inn and it kept me going . Then it shut down and now it has opened up again. I am very grateful to have a place to express and connect with people.
I discovered over the past year that I am not suited to living in a small town and in fact miss the vitality and diversity of the city. I live and love to sing ! I always have wanted to be an actress. My son aspires to become a professional actor and in fact was in New York City pursuing his dream when the pandemic hit .
Last winter Johnny and I took a trip to Los Angeles to look into relocating there to pursue our artistic skills. Then on January 22, 2020 Johnny was in a serious car accident when his car hit black ice and slammed head on into a tree. Johnny suffered a broken leg and ribs . He is lucky to be alive. I don’t know what I would do if I had lost my son. He is recovering now well now after a successful surgery  to put his leg back together and much physical therapy. Johnny said to me one night,  “Mom, I think you would really like New York.” I didn’t sleep well that night as my I thought it over. Then , when I woke up I made up my mind . There was only one place to go where you don’t need a car and can pursue your artistic dreams. New York!
We are patiently waiting to hear about an apartment in Brooklyn, New York. Fingers crossed! My parents are assisting me and my son in a 
dream soon to come true as soon as everything opens up again: to sing and act in New York City and Brooklyn of course! I will help my son pursue a dream that I had as a young girl but was told by my parents they would not pay for I because it was not practical. No regrets! I loved being a teacher and loved being around wonderful young people, my students. Yet I always told my students to do what you love in life !  Here’s to doing what you love in life and that is success!


Solfeggio Frequencies/Binaural beats for the healing of all of us

Solfeggio Frequencies
Hello friends and family and all my fellow human beings,

I have a wonderful show this Saturday night May 25th, 2019 at Luna’s cafe with David Houston and String Theory closing the night as he always does every last Saturday of the month. David’s shows begin at 8pm and he has two acts accompanying him.  I will be performing second with Terry Allwein on guitar. Terry’s amazing!! His sound is so relaxed and easy and he sings harmonies with me too! Vinnie Guidera opens the show. I hope you can come because you will hear some awesome frequencies in David’s music with his quinet of strings (cello, violins, viola, bass, guitar) and drums. Davids voice is warm and his lyrics clever and catchy and heartfelt. His music will transport you to joy and bliss. I am choosing very relaxing songs myself and I am moving toward an even more relaxing sound with my new CD that I am joyfully working on with David who produced my last two CD’s. I intend to weave these Solfeggio Frequencies into my music on the upcoming CD.

I am delighted to share with you these Solfeggio frequencies that I have been listening to for quite some time as I work in my office each day. This music helps me to be calm, feel relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. I decided recently to share it with my students and make an assignment out of it to help them with their stress and anxiety which has become all too common in recent years. It dawned on me recently that we are inundated with far too many unwelcome frequencies from our cell phone towers, computers, electrical wires etc. and perhaps if you are a conspiracy theorist at some level (I would say the right word is reasonably cautious) we could even be getting subliminal messages from frequencies that are inaudible but nonetheless harmful. Why all the anger, anxiety, mental illness, depression? Could it be the frequencies, the food we eat, the lack of access to nature that is free from artificial frequencies? Here is the information that I gathered.



 UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear.

  • RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change.
  • MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
  • FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships.
  • SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition.
  • LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order.

What is a solfeggio frequency?

  • The proclaimed “Solfeggio frequencies” are: UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear. RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change. … SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition. LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order.

The 5 Different Brainwave Frequencies and What They Mean. Across the human cortex there are electrical patterns, or brainwave frequencies. The 5 differentbrainwave frequencies are delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma. … Each of the 5different brainwave frequencies serve a unique purpose to mental function.

What does 741 Hz do?

741 Hz Frequency. Listening to the 741 Hz Frequency has so many benefits like awakening intuition to create solutions to problems. … The 741 Hz frequency is also known as “La” and will help one live a more healthy lifestyle by facilitating change in diet and other health related things.

What is the frequency of the human body?

One of the most beneficial researchers, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology, built another frequency monitor in 1992 and discovered that the average frequency of the human body during daytime is 62 to 68 Hz. According to Tainio, the body resonates frequency between 62 to 72 Hz when healthy .

What is the Solfeggio scale?

Solfeggio frequencies were sound frequencies used in Gregorian chants one of which was the great hymn of St. John the Baptist. The special tones of theSolfeggio frequency were used to unite man with his maker.

What does 432 Hz do?

432 Hz. The magic number everybody is talking about. It is said to be the natural frequency of the universe, to have cosmic healing powers and to attract masses of audience to our music. … There are many articles presenting so-called “scientific evidence” in favor of 432 Hz. Listening to 432Hz music resonates inside our body, releases emotional blockages and expands our consciousness. 432Hz allows us to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, Divine Intelligence and our Soul. It creates Unity instead of separation. It expands our hearts and make us more compassionate and loving. One thing is for sure. A person who resonates with love have inner peace – and this is the starting point for a world where we live in Unity, Peace and Harmony with each-other and Mother Earth.

What frequency does the human brain operate at?

Frequency of Brain Waves

State Frequency range State of mind
Delta 0.5Hz–4Hz Deep sleep
Theta 4Hz–8Hz Drowsiness (also first stage of sleep)
Alpha 8Hz–14Hz Relaxed but alert
Beta 14Hz–30Hz Highly alert and focused

How does frequency affect the brain?

An electroencephalogram (EEG) that recorded the electrical brain activity of people listening to binaural beats showed that the effect on a person’s body varied according to the frequency pattern used. … However, this frequency can also increase anxiety at the higher end of the frequency range.

Can you listen to binaural beats without headphones?

It usually sounds more natural over speakers than over headphones. … If youlistened to an audio file without headphones/earphones, your ears will receive the same sound and frequency. As a result, your brain will not produce a binaural beat and it will not affect your brainwave frequency and/or state.

What is the frequency for love?

528 Hz – The Love Frequency. According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 528 Hertz is afrequency that is central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.” More than any sound previously discovered, the “LOVE frequency” resonates at the heart of everything.

What Hz is best for sleep?

What are the Best Binaural Beats for Sleep & Insomnia?

  • Beta (13 – 40 Hz) – Active, alert and focused.
  • Alpha (8 -12 Hz) – Relaxed, calm and creative.
  • Theta (4 – 8 Hz) – drowsy, light sleep and dreams.
  • Delta (less than 4 Hz) – Deep sleep.

Do humans have natural frequency?

By testing the response of the human body on a vibrating platform, many researchers found the human whole-body fundamental resonant frequency to be around 5 Hz.

How can I increase my body frequency?

8 ways to raise your vibration.

  1. Become conscious of your thoughts. Everything you think, say or feel becomes your reality. …
  2. Find something beautiful and appreciate it. …
  3. Be conscious of the foods you eat. …
  4. Drink water. …
  5. Meditate. …
  6. Be grateful. …
  7. Practice acts of kindness. …
  8. Get your blood pumping.

Does the earth have a frequency?

The cavity is naturally excited by electric currents in lightning. Schumann resonances are the principal background in the part of the electromagnetic spectrum from 3 Hz through 60 Hz, and appear as distinct peaks at extremely lowfrequencies (ELF) around 7.83 Hz (fundamental), 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz.


What frequency does the earth vibrate at?

Everything from our brain waves and biorhythms to our states of consciousness are directly correlated to the Earth’s frequencies. 2. The Schumann Resonance has been steady at 7.83Hz until three years ago when it began to accelerate to somewhere in the 15 to 25Hz levels.

WHAT IS A fre·quen·cy?



the rate at which something occurs or is repeated over a particular period of time or in a given sample.

the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material (as in sound waves), or in an electromagnetic field (as in radio waves and light), usually measured per second.

What to do:

Google: (the specific Hz ie. 741Hz or 432Hz , binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies)

Listen for 20 minutes to 1 hour a day or per session. Only listen to what you like. Give it about 1 or 2 minutes. If you do not like it, try another until you find one you like. While listening you can meditate (Google meditation techniques or go to You Tube if you do not know how.to meditate. There is no wrong way to meditate), do classwork, draw, color or simple close eyes. You can also walk in a park with trees (State Capitol Park, Land Park, McKinley Park, Tahoe Park or your neighborhood park). If you have a car you can go to the American River Confulence in Auburn or the Yuba River in Grass Valley/Nevada City or Consumes River. The Sacramento River in some places may be good to have a quiet and relaxing experience.

If you like you can write down your thoughts in a journal later describing how the music made you feel, any emotions or thoughts or images that it stirred. Write a paragraph or as much as you need to write.

True story: I was up in Mount Shasta about five years ago at a Crystal store that sold crystal healing bowls, crystals and jewelry. The owner, Beverly, upon request, will give a crystal bowl healing concert in the back room for a small donation. I sat on a large beautiful pillow among a lot of pillows and a least 100 bowls. Beverly arranged the bowls in a pattern around her because the bowls talked to her. She began the concert and we either closed our eyes or listened to her as she described each bowl she was playing. The sound of the bowl was amazing and soothing beyond belief and when she got to the broken crystal bowl with garnet that had healed itself I began to feel emotional. When she added the sound of a bowl that aliens had given her I began to cry. She gave me a tissue. For more about crystal bowl healing you can go to You Tube and also to the crystal shop with the large Crystals and listen to Beverly play the bowls.

The healing sounds of solfeggio frequencies, or chimes, bowls (metal or crystal), wood flutes, drums can stir emotions and help you release what you need to let go or help you obtain what you need to absorb.

Music IS MEANT TO BE HEALING and joyous and only you know if it is good for you by the way it makes you feel. If the “music” makes you feel anxious or angry or agitated then stop listening to it and choose music that makes you feel positive and relaxed.


Blessed Be


Peace be still

Be Present

Jenn Rogar


Yes, I am a Sammie Award nominee!

It is nice to be acknowledged by the music industry folks in Sacramento and it is nice for Sacramento News and Review magazine to create these awards and host a concert each year. If you would like to vote for me for best Singer-Songwriter you can go to this link: https://go.newsreview.com/sammies/ Here is the song that I attached. You can listen to it here. I chose this song because of the beautiful harmonies of Sandra Delores, and the beautiful instrumentation by Mike Farrell on electric guitar and bass and Eric Everett on drums. I love Mount Shasta and I hope by featuring this song it will inspire you to go visit Her. Again, it is nice to just be nominated and to those who did, thank you!! And thank you to all who support my music by coming to the shows, or buying CD’s and going to our wonderful venues in Sacramento. I am venturing out this year to play more of California and have a third CD/Album in the works that I hope to have out in stores, online and at shows by June.

Peace, Jenn


How we can help the homeless

Hello Everyone!! Happy Halloween, Samhain, Dia De los Muertos and Thanksgiving! I love the coming Fall season with the brown gold leaves falling and the nights getting cooler and the skies a bit cloudy. The Fall season has always felt like the beginning of the year for me. It is also the beginning of the year in a dangerous way for those who are homeless or unhoused in Sacramento and elsewhere and I urge you to collect gently used hats, sweaters, coats, scarves, blankets and socks that you have in your closet or that you can purchase at a local thrift store and donate directly to the homeless by going to Cesar Chavez Park on Sundays from 8-10 am and finding CAFFE (Clothing and Food For Everyone) along 9th Street and Armando will be happy to take these items off your hands. Or you can go to the Community Dinner Project on Tuesdays at 430pm in front of City Hall along 9th Street. You are more than welcome to cook or donate food and provide if at all possible organic food to serve to our guests.  We also need The Community to donate their time and attend or speak at the city council meetings on a regular basis on matters that matter to you and all of us! It’s your city! A few week backs I brought my guitar and sang (and spoke) to them singing a take from Pete Seeger’s Where Have All The Flowers Gone ..“Where Have all the benches gone/bathrooms/shelters etc. “Gone to Developers everyone!” You can watch it on the city council meetings archives.  Come see how they act, talk, leave and generally treat local activists and speakers who get up to speak. A whole lotta gaslightin’ goin’ on by your mayor! Public comment period moved to the end again..shame! Hurts the elderly who have time to be involved. On November 30th the City Council will vote to approve or disapprove the $20 million allocated to the city/county for homeless emergency housing! I will be there with guitar in hand once again! Another homeless activist group led by Sister Libby Fernandez would love to take those warm winter clothes off your hands. You can reach out to Sister Libby Fernandez and the Mercy Pedalers. She and her group go out on bicycles and deliver much needed supplies to the homeless downtown. There is a sister group in the Arden area.·

It is beginning to get cooler in the mornings in Sacramento. #Mercypedalersare in need of hats, gloves, scarves and blankets for those who are waking up cold in the mornings living on the streets!
call me at 916-879-5581 or email me at Lfernandez@mercywmw.org

I have a Facebook page I created awhile back called Friends of the Homeless in Sacramento that you can join and submit any information that will help the homeless and also if you know someone who is homeless and has a phone and/or access to a computer in a library they can also join and find out where to get help or just connect and know that we care and are trying to help end homelessness. There is also the Community Dinner Project on Facebook and CAFFE. There is also a Facebook page for Sacramento Safe Space for Unhomed Youth administered and vigorously attended to by Kimberly Church.

Here’s my music schedule for November!! Hope you all can make one or all of the shows!

Fox and Goose Pub Nov 3, 2018

9-midnight $5 cover at the door 21+

Skylers Pool Gillian Underwood and the Lonesome Doves and Jenn Rogar and Fred Nelson Jr.

Skyler’s Pool is an indie-rock band out of Sacramento that plays original music and features husband and wife duo Kitty O’Neal and Kurt Spataro. Playing music in different bands together since the 80’s, Kitty is also the Afternoon News Anchor on KFBK AM/FM and Kurt is the Executive Chef/Co-Owner in the Paragary Restaurant Group. Drummer Fred Nelson, Jr. (Oleander) and versatile Lori Sacco-Nelson (Funk Shui) are joined in Skyler’s Pool by bassist Bob Lo Russo. Jenn Rogar is a local singer-songwriter of Contemporary Folk music with a country, jazz, pop, rock, blues and socially conscious twist accompanying herself on acoustic guitar and backed up by the awesome drum sounds of Fred Nelson Jr. Gillian plays dark and intelligent alt-country love songs with two sultry female voices. Join us for a night of great local female fronted music groups.


1217 21st Street, Sacramento, CA

Jenn Rogar returns to sing two solo sets accompanying herself on acoustic guitar from 5-7pm Happy Hour! at Kupros Crafthouse (the old Cheapthrills!) Jenn will be performing easy listening original songs tinged in jazz, pop, country, blues and social consciousness. Jenn also sings the folk songs you love from Phil Ochs, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and more and old traditional folk songs or public domain songs that have stood the test of time. Jenn loves the standards as well and will sing her own arrangements of classics from the Great American Songbook. Singing along is encouraged.

Kupros is a warm haunt in midtown Sacramento and is a 1910  two story Craftsman house with globally inspired pub grub, craft beers, wines, cocktails and outdoor seating.No cover. 21+

Peace and blessings to you and yours! Music unites, provokes, changes and heals!

Jenn Rogar

Families Belong Together Rally

Please join me and hundreds of thousands of people all over the United States and those around the world in solidarity as we gather and rally at the event  Families Belong Together at 650 Capitol Mall (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration “Services” to raise our voices to bring the 2400 children back to their families who have been recently separated by U.S. Government Border Patrol and  ICE and the release of over 11,000 children who have been in U.S. Custody since 2015. 10 am Saturday June 30th! Sacramento, California

The River (The River CD 2013)

I’m gonna go down to the river shed my dirty clothes there
I’m gonna go down to the river shed my dirty clothes there
Stand by the river
Let my tricks be bare

I’m gonna look into the river see myself look back there
I’m gonna look into the river see myself look back there
Know my reflection
Let my conscience be my mirror

I’m gonna step into the river wash my wasted youth there
I’m gonna step into the river wash my wasted youth there
Toss out my tokens
Clean this liars lair

I’m gonna stay down by the river keep my restless soul there
I’m gonna stay down by the river keep my restless soul there
Stare at the sun
Let my tricks beware

I’m gonna lay down by the river close my weary eyes there
I’m gonna lay down by the river close my weary eyes there
Cry for forgiveness
Share what I can share

You gotta go down to the river shed your dirty clothes there
You gotta go down to the river shed your dirty clothes there
Stand by the river
Let your tricks be bare

I’m gonna lead you to the river show the way I came there
I’m gonna lead you to the river show the way I came there
Take away your sorrow keep your mind aware
Take away your sorrow keep your soul aware
Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

Mother’s Heart (Jessica’s song) Upcoming CD 2018 “Gratitude”

My daughter Jessica came back to Sacramento from San Diego after eight years away from home. Jessica graduated from high school and at the young age of eighteen moved to the far end of California. I missed her and I wrote this song coaxing her to come back home because I knew it would be better for her to be here with her family where there is loving support as a young person navigates their way through their youth. San Diego is a beautiful town, but it is a town that can lead one towards misdirection. I am so happy that my song worked! I believe in the power of positive thinking! I will be recording this song soon on an upcoming 2018 CD called “Gratitude” in honor of having my baby girl back home. I will be performing this song often. I feel such joy when I sing it! This song is dedicated to all mothers who love their children enough to let them go and be their own person, let them discover themselves while at the same time praying that the guardian angels and spirit guides are there to pick them up when they have fallen or are misguided. Ah I remember my twenties! I love my daughter Jessica more than life itself.–Blessed Be!

Mother’s Heart (A song for Jessica)

Loving you with a mother’s heart
Love so true when you’re in my arms
Life began the day you were born
Come on home honey where the fire is warm

And the day that you left for the seaport town
I felt a part of me so proud so torn
I missed your laughter ooh I missed your smile
Gotta come home now baby won’t you stay awhile?
Gotta stay and try

Loving you with a mother’s heart
Love so true when you’re in my arms
Life began the day you were born
Come on home honey where the fire is warm

Seems like yesterday since she went away
Five long years has gone why did you stay?
Just a girl became a woman just like me
You had to get away just to learn to breathe
Just to set yourself free

And it ain’t easy growing up in this world
I just know one thing I got back my babygirl

Loving you with a mother’s heart
Love so true when you’re in my arms
Life began the day you were born
Come on home honey where the fire is warm
Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

Corporatocracy Upcoming CD 2018 “Gratitude”

How many years have I seen
People left out to die in the street
To suffer from cold inhumanity
When will we all see their needs

How many times can I walk down the street
And see them there just staring
Come take my hand feel the heat
A new revolution’s igniting

When will the five rivers meet
Rise up and spill into free
Where are the people in every town and city
Hand in hand fighting corporatocracy

How much destruction can we bear
From every direction it is seeping
What will it take for us to hear
The cries of babes and mothers weeping

People have skin and hands and breathe
They love and understand and feel
Not bricks and mortar used as shields
Corporations are not fucking people!

When will the five rivers meet
And rise up and spill into free
Where are the people in every town and city
Hand in Hand fighting corporatocracy

Listen to the beat of the heart of the mother
Hear her cry in the native drum
She’ll guide us to walk in peace with each other
Come together as one in the warmth of the sun

We the fortunate free must speak up loudly
For those in chains and darkness
Cuz silence we all know and if you didn’t know is complicity
I pray I reach your heart and you understand this

When will the five rivers meet
Rise up spill into free
Where are the people in every town and city
Hand in hand fighting corporatocracy
Hand in hand fighting corporatocracy
Hand in hand fighting corporatocracy
Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.