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Well hello!

Hello friends and family !
I have not written in over a year . I took some time off after the passing of my father on December 15th, 2019. My father was the best father any girl could have and I will miss him dearly. He left this world peacefully in his sleep with a smile on his face and as if in the midst of a dream . My beautiful mother passed away in 2008. My brother and I now hold on to each other as only siblings can do when they become children without parents to guide them .
I retired from my teaching job in Sacramento after teaching for 25 years and I moved to my favorite mountain Mount Shasta, California. I purchased a beautiful home on a half acre. I spent the year here mostly at home , walking the mountain with my son and daughter and dog Paris, a rescued German Shepard. My children also left Sacramento and moved up here with me because of the pandemic. We all are healing because it is a healing place and the mountain has spiritual power.
This past summer was also a frightening time living in a place surrounded by fires and the mountain was closed down for the second half  of the summer and not accessible. I was able to sing once a week for awhile in the local Shasta Inn and it kept me going . Then it shut down and now it has opened up again. I am very grateful to have a place to express and connect with people.
I discovered over the past year that I am not suited to living in a small town and in fact miss the vitality and diversity of the city. I live and love to sing ! I always have wanted to be an actress. My son aspires to become a professional actor and in fact was in New York City pursuing his dream when the pandemic hit .
Last winter Johnny and I took a trip to Los Angeles to look into relocating there to pursue our artistic skills. Then on January 22, 2020 Johnny was in a serious car accident when his car hit black ice and slammed head on into a tree. Johnny suffered a broken leg and ribs . He is lucky to be alive. I don’t know what I would do if I had lost my son. He is recovering now well now after a successful surgery  to put his leg back together and much physical therapy. Johnny said to me one night,  “Mom, I think you would really like New York.” I didn’t sleep well that night as my I thought it over. Then , when I woke up I made up my mind . There was only one place to go where you don’t need a car and can pursue your artistic dreams. New York!
We are patiently waiting to hear about an apartment in Brooklyn, New York. Fingers crossed! My parents are assisting me and my son in a 
dream soon to come true as soon as everything opens up again: to sing and act in New York City and Brooklyn of course! I will help my son pursue a dream that I had as a young girl but was told by my parents they would not pay for I because it was not practical. No regrets! I loved being a teacher and loved being around wonderful young people, my students. Yet I always told my students to do what you love in life !  Here’s to doing what you love in life and that is success!

i promise to keep you all posted as to where I will be . I will be closer to my brother in Florida. My daughter Jessica will finish her colllege degree here near Mount Shasta.
Living! Laughing! Loving!
Hugs and Kisses, Jennifer—my name in New York ! My real name. Become true to who I am ! Blessings to you and yours

Song below is called “ Playing the Fool” enjoy!