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Upcoming shows and events

Hello Friends and Fans!

Spring is here and it’s so lovely! Cool and breezy and sunny with intermittent rain and cloudiness and lots of birds singing! I love Spring! It’s so close to Summer and Summer is a time when I have a lot of time to do music. This friday, April 11th, tune in to KOWS radio with host Kym Trippsmith at 11:45am and I will be on her show interviewing live! Sunday, I will be on KVMR along with Eric Peach of PARC (Protect the American River Canyon) at 5pm singing “The River” as part of a radio show discussing the designation of the American River as wild and scenic as well as the promotion of the new edition of the American River Guidebook published by PARC.

Just last Sunday, my music video “The River” was featured as an encore at the book signing event and fundraiser for PARC at the Auburn Theater in Auburn, CA. This next friday, on April 18th, the Jenn Rogar band heads up to Nevada City to Cooper’s Saloon to perform at 9pm with Hans and the Hot Mess! On April 25th, the Jenn Rogar band, Mike Justis Band and Tamra Phelan band perform at Marilyns on K in Sacramento at 9pm. Yes! An entire evening of great folk music in the heart of downtown Sacramento. More to come in May! Blessings!! Jenn