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Monsanto Shutdown and Rally-3 days!

May 20th 9:30 am

Join us as we lobby against Monsanto.

We will be visiting all the CA State Senators in the morning. Assignments will be given out that morning. We will have a system in place to assist you, a coach to aid you, and an opportunity to give immediate feedback and receive guidance for successful visits. All of us, in pairs of two or three, depending on how many people show up to participate, will visit all of the senators. (We will bypass the assembly members, as they are not as critical at this moment).

Ideally, we will cover all of the state senators before lunchtime, several times.

SB 1381, the GE (GMO) Food Labeling bill, is now on suspense in the Appropriations Committee, as of last Monday. We want to “push” for the bill to come off suspense and go to the senate floor for a full vote.

On Friday, May 23rd, the appropriations committee will either lift the status (suspense) of the bill, or let it linger in suspense where it can die. If we all are successful (all the groups fighting for SB 1381, and it comes off suspense, it can then move towards a vote towards the end of this May. And, that is exactly what we want! We will work the senators regarding this bill, our health and food concerns because of Monsanto’s poisons, Monsanto’s unsavory business practices, and more.

If there is ample time in the afternoon, people can visit their specific legislators if they didn’t get a chance in the morning, and/or their assembly member.

The Anti-Monsanto Project three days of action:

Day 1:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014–Lobbying Day, from 10am to 3pm. Meet near the North Steps of the CA State Capitol at 9:30am.

Day 2:
Friday, May 23, 2014–Shutdown Monsanto, from 6am to 3 Meet at the Davis, CA Monsanto office/plant.

Day 3
Saturday, May 24, 2014–Rally / March, from 10am to 5pm. The North Steps of the CA State Capitol.

I will be singing at noon at the Monsanto Shutdown in Davis, California and sometime on Saturday!

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