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Me daa si! to Global Mamas on May Day 2014

May 1, 2014 May Day!

To the women clothes makers at Global Mamas

Thank you for the beautiful handmade clothes that you make. I support the Fair Trade Federation today on May Day, and every day, in recognition of workers all over the world and especially women globally who lack the social, economic, and political power of men. Your community helps to change some of that.  I am wearing for the first time the beautiful dress made by Julie and Ellen. This dress is very comfortable and fits perfectly. I will keep buying clothes from you for myself and my friends and family so that I can support women’s economic independence in Ghana and elsewhere and I will let others know about the Global Mamas community (www.globalmamas.org).

I discovered the Global Mamas community through Traditions Café and World Folk Art in Olympia, Washington. I hope to come there to volunteer and participate in cultural workshops one day soon and meet the beautiful women who work there. I believe that your business model is the model for all business around the world to promote fair trade, community, prosperity and happiness for all workers.  I am wearing this dress to work today. I am a teacher. I also intend to wear this dress and the other clothes I bought when I sing with my band. My band is called the Jenn Rogar band and I sing and write folk and blues and a bit of country music. I also play guitar. And if you don’t mind, I will most definitely write a song about Global Mamas and send it to you when it is finished. There will be a link also on my website for Global Mamas!!

Peace and blessings to you all!!

Me daa si (Thank you!)

Jenn Rogar

To shop go to www.globalmamas.org