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February Shows!

Hello Friends and Framily,

I hope you get a chance to read this today and brave the rain and come to the Luna’s show tonight at 8pm with myself, Howard Hall, Hannah Jane Kile and Bruce Tuttle. This is a songwriter in the round event and it will be magical largely because of the place. Luna’s cafe has a special vibe that is heart warming. It is one the longest running music venues in town where countless artists have gotten their start because of the open heartedness of owner Art Luna. Add a little rain and the positive vibe only increases.

The next show is on Valentines Day, February 14th, at the Auburn Ale House in Auburn– Great beer and great food and vibe there!! Fred Nelson Jr performs on drums. Gene Smith is on electric guitar and Gerry Pineda is on bass as special guests.

On Feb 18th I perform as a duo with Fred Nelson Jr at very important benefit at Sol Collective for Icarus Project and Community Dinner Project. The Icarus Project provides a holistic guided program and counseling to those who seek to get off Psych drugs and celebrates a person’s uniqueness as opposed to labeling them with mental illness.

On February 27th,Friends of the Homeless in Sacramento presents its 2nd benefit for the homeless at Luna’s on February 27th. I will have a lot of great performers there again including: Joshua Dale Kraige from Pressure Lounge, Jordan Beasley from Tribe of Levi, Lauren Wakefield, Xochitl, G.p. Bailey, Kym Trippsmith, Extra Fancy, Sacramento Art and Revolution and Stoneberry. Sac Art and Rev is a political street theater troupe and even a young comedianne, Deerbruhh, will be there. Please visit their websites and “like” their facebook pages. All of the money we make goes directly to the homeless via the Community Dinner Project. We made $450 last event! $250 went to the Community Dinner Project. You can find Friends of the Homeless in Sacramento and Community Dinner Project on Facebook and can join!

Every Tuesday at 4:30pm the Community Dinner Project feeds the homeless and anyone who wants to eat outside city hall. Then many of the activists involved go inside and raise the issue of homelessness and other related issues during the public comment period. The activists have succeeded in getting the PUBLIC bathroom opened at Cesar Chavez Park. In case you didn’t know, all of the PUBLIC bathrooms in the city have been locked up and the homeless and the public have no access. Please know that ALL profits I make at any show go toward the Community Dinner Project or buying needed goods for the homeless. I have been blessed with a good income as a teacher for 18 years and I do need the money when I sing. I sing for the love of singing and sharing love with you all.

I hope to see homelessness eradicated in Sacramento and elsewhere as soon as possible. When people come together and decide that homelessness is as intolerable as let’s say polio or TB, then and only then will it end because everyone will get involved in some way and make a difference. The more that get we as a community get involved the more likely we can help those who are truly helpless–“mentally ill” and physically ill and barely surviving. The homeless person on the street is someone’s mother, father , sister or brother and is someone’s child. Even to stop and say hello to a homeless person as you pass them on the street is monumental to them. Please check my website calendar for upcoming shows in March and April.

Some of the events include a cozy singer-songwriter event on March 7 here in Sacramento where I perform as a duo with Fred Nelson, Jr., The Black Stallion Bar in Roseville on March 21 with the Jenn Rogar Band, California Organics in Nevada City on March 28th and The Torch Club in Sacramento on April 11th with the band. We will be at Club Car in Auburn in April or May so look for it on our calendar! Blessings to you all!

Love and Light!