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Remembered Earth

This song emerged from reading the cover page of a book called Remembered Earth and reading a few lines inside. I’ve yet to read the entire book. I remain hopeful that we will see the power of the people to rise up against the corporate giants that pollute and destroy. Since this song was written so much awareness has emerged. I know this song plays a small part.

Brother, where have you been? We haven’t seen you around.
I’ve just come back from Los Angeles
But the sky is gray and brown
I told them they were foolish to depend on big oil
And make us all servants for whom we sweat and toil

Brother, what have you seen? We haven’t heard you speak.
I’ve just come back from Lexington
But there are no mountain peaks
I told them they were crazy to blow up all the mountains
And take away our vision of an orange setting sun

Brother, what do you feel? We haven’t seen you cry.
I’ve just come back from the north Midwest
But the lakes are cracked and dry
I told them they were careless to use up all the water
And never ask the People how they could use it better

Brother, what will you do? We haven’t seen you act.
I’ve just come back from Washington
Where the People made a pact
They told me don’t despair my friend
Together we can fight
And take back our homes and freedom and all our civil rights

Brother, when can we join? We are bound to heed your call.
I’ve just remembered the earth is the mother of us all
And to tell you do not wait for me to lead us on our way
It is we who follow no one and it is we who make the change

Brother, will we survive? We haven’t heard your thoughts.
I’ve just come back from every town and city and saw the People all were bought
I told them that the corporate Anaconda will cease to exist
Because we must have a boycott and their products we’ll resist

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