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Jenn Rogar guests on Soapbox! Channel 17 Access Cable Televison Sacramento

I am looking forward to once again being a guest on Soapbox Sacramento, on Comcast Channel 17, with host James Israel of the Humor Times, a great political satire magazine. We’ll be discussing the crucial issues of today affecting Sacramento and the world: homelessness and the ‪#‎rightorest‬, everyone’s right to have access to a public bathroom, police brutality and ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬, the school to prison pipeline, education and my experiences as a teacher, the fight for clean water,and organic food, the fight against GMO’s and Nestle and Crystal Geyser Water, standing up for local business against the corporate giants, and whatever issues we can squeeze into a half hour! Like Bernie Sanders says, it’s time for a political revolution!

Here is the interview on Youtube. It airs on Sacramento Access TV (Comcast 17) on Monday, Feb. 15, on Access, at 8pm. It will also air Tuesday at noon and Wednesday at 4am (for all you night owls/early risers):

The Fall is my Spring

The Fall is my Spring. It is a time for me to reflect all that was in the year past and renew myself. I hope to give birth to new ideas, hopes, dreams, projects, adventures that will aid in my expansion, the expansion of others and of the Universe. I am almost perpetually in a state of gratitude for all that I have in this precious life. The gift of music and voice and song, love for myself and for another, family, work that fulfills me, the beautiful natural world that surrounds me and the feeling of physical and emotional harmony within myself. I go inward for a time and then seek putting forth new recordings.. a new EP entitled “Gratitude” to share with the world. I will once again seek the help of David Houston who is simply the best recording engineer and producer that one can find. I look forward to working together with Fred Nelson, Jr. my loving partner and friend and other talented musicians as they become part of the divine flow. I wrote the following this morning without thinking…only feeling…
Creative Oneness hold me close to the earth’s bosom and nurture me so that I can nurture others and we can nurture each other. Blessed are the animals, rocks, trees and minerals to teach us how to live in synchronicity with You which is ultimately Me. Water flows through us all in our divine connection, our sacredness and desire to love all that is. We are coming home to ourselves slowly and yet so quickly. I believe in the sanctity of our endeavors. There is no wrong or right. There is only love and forgiveness for ourselves. We are learning. Source is learning through us and the Mother Earth bears the brunt of our transgressions. Feel, feel, feel and raise your vibration higher and higher to that of Source. The silence is beautiful as is the sound of water, birds… humming beautiful tones. Love all that is. Hate is forgotten..dismembered..useless..a tool for those who are empty. Love! Love! Love!

Jenn Rogar and Fresh Juice Party @ Subterranean Arthouse in Berkeley!

On Friday, June 27th, Jenn Rogar and Oakland based band Fresh Juice Party will be performing songs that are fun, groovy and socially conscious at the Subterranean Arthouse in Berkeley, Ca …. show starts at 8pm!! $10/door come early and enjoy the art. Subterranean Arthouse is located at 2719 Bancroft Way. For more about Fresh Juice Party go to www.freshjuiceparty.com and for more about Subterranean Arthouse go to www.subterraneanarthouse.org.

Monsanto Shutdown and Rally-3 days!

May 20th 9:30 am

Join us as we lobby against Monsanto.

We will be visiting all the CA State Senators in the morning. Assignments will be given out that morning. We will have a system in place to assist you, a coach to aid you, and an opportunity to give immediate feedback and receive guidance for successful visits. All of us, in pairs of two or three, depending on how many people show up to participate, will visit all of the senators. (We will bypass the assembly members, as they are not as critical at this moment).

Ideally, we will cover all of the state senators before lunchtime, several times.

SB 1381, the GE (GMO) Food Labeling bill, is now on suspense in the Appropriations Committee, as of last Monday. We want to “push” for the bill to come off suspense and go to the senate floor for a full vote.

On Friday, May 23rd, the appropriations committee will either lift the status (suspense) of the bill, or let it linger in suspense where it can die. If we all are successful (all the groups fighting for SB 1381, and it comes off suspense, it can then move towards a vote towards the end of this May. And, that is exactly what we want! We will work the senators regarding this bill, our health and food concerns because of Monsanto’s poisons, Monsanto’s unsavory business practices, and more.

If there is ample time in the afternoon, people can visit their specific legislators if they didn’t get a chance in the morning, and/or their assembly member.

The Anti-Monsanto Project three days of action:

Day 1:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014–Lobbying Day, from 10am to 3pm. Meet near the North Steps of the CA State Capitol at 9:30am.

Day 2:
Friday, May 23, 2014–Shutdown Monsanto, from 6am to 3 Meet at the Davis, CA Monsanto office/plant.

Day 3
Saturday, May 24, 2014–Rally / March, from 10am to 5pm. The North Steps of the CA State Capitol.

I will be singing at noon at the Monsanto Shutdown in Davis, California and sometime on Saturday!

s nd

Homeward StakeDown

Homeward StakeDown a great success! 3 day arts activist campout in Sacramento. May 1st through 3rd SHOC held a permitted camp out for homeless participants and advocates on a vacant lot along one of the busiest commute routes into Sacramento’s downtown. Live music was provided by Jenn Rogar, GP Bailey, John Malcolm, and Kingdom. Read more here.

Me daa si! to Global Mamas on May Day 2014

May 1, 2014 May Day!

To the women clothes makers at Global Mamas

Thank you for the beautiful handmade clothes that you make. I support the Fair Trade Federation today on May Day, and every day, in recognition of workers all over the world and especially women globally who lack the social, economic, and political power of men. Your community helps to change some of that.  I am wearing for the first time the beautiful dress made by Julie and Ellen. This dress is very comfortable and fits perfectly. I will keep buying clothes from you for myself and my friends and family so that I can support women’s economic independence in Ghana and elsewhere and I will let others know about the Global Mamas community (www.globalmamas.org).

I discovered the Global Mamas community through Traditions Café and World Folk Art in Olympia, Washington. I hope to come there to volunteer and participate in cultural workshops one day soon and meet the beautiful women who work there. I believe that your business model is the model for all business around the world to promote fair trade, community, prosperity and happiness for all workers.  I am wearing this dress to work today. I am a teacher. I also intend to wear this dress and the other clothes I bought when I sing with my band. My band is called the Jenn Rogar band and I sing and write folk and blues and a bit of country music. I also play guitar. And if you don’t mind, I will most definitely write a song about Global Mamas and send it to you when it is finished. There will be a link also on my website for Global Mamas!!

Peace and blessings to you all!!

Me daa si (Thank you!)

Jenn Rogar

To shop go to www.globalmamas.org

Joining PARC!

Recently, PARC (Protect the American River Canyon) had a benefit fundraiser/ book signing at the Auburn Theater in Auburn, California and because of the generous help of Bill Mash aka WithoutaRoof (see his You Tube videos) my new music video by Marissa Jestice called  “The River” was featured on a big screen at the end of the event. What an honor! Thank you Bill Mash and Eric and Paula Peach from PARC for including my video in this event.. PARC has been working for decades to preserve the American River Canyon from the proposed Auburn Dam destruction and just released an updated third edition of the book The American River Insiders Guide to Recreation, Ecology and Cultural History of the North, Middle and South Forks.  Also, a week later, I was invited to join Eric Peach for a radio interview on KVMR and sang “The River” live. I encourage you to contact PARC, become a member and support preserving the American River Canyon and be a part of the team in designating the American River as forever wild and scenic. I will be enjoying some rafting this summer on one of Eric Peach’s rafting trips and hiking the beautiful trails. Nature heals! Blessings! Jenn

For more information about protecting the American River go to www.parc-auburn.org

Upcoming shows and events

Hello Friends and Fans!

Spring is here and it’s so lovely! Cool and breezy and sunny with intermittent rain and cloudiness and lots of birds singing! I love Spring! It’s so close to Summer and Summer is a time when I have a lot of time to do music. This friday, April 11th, tune in to KOWS radio with host Kym Trippsmith at 11:45am and I will be on her show interviewing live! Sunday, I will be on KVMR along with Eric Peach of PARC (Protect the American River Canyon) at 5pm singing “The River” as part of a radio show discussing the designation of the American River as wild and scenic as well as the promotion of the new edition of the American River Guidebook published by PARC.

Just last Sunday, my music video “The River” was featured as an encore at the book signing event and fundraiser for PARC at the Auburn Theater in Auburn, CA. This next friday, on April 18th, the Jenn Rogar band heads up to Nevada City to Cooper’s Saloon to perform at 9pm with Hans and the Hot Mess! On April 25th, the Jenn Rogar band, Mike Justis Band and Tamra Phelan band perform at Marilyns on K in Sacramento at 9pm. Yes! An entire evening of great folk music in the heart of downtown Sacramento. More to come in May! Blessings!! Jenn

Hello folk music fans!

I am pleased to announce to recent music video “The River” now on You Tube. To access, click on the link on this website or go to You Tube and type in Jenn Rogar The River. This video was beautifully produced by Marissa Jestice and was filmed at the American River Confluence in Auburn, California last summer. It was a lot of fun to do and I am proud to say I grew up in Auburn and I am finally moving back home this summer to live closer to my father who turns 79 on April 8th.

The  Jenn Rogar band also plays regularly at The Club Car restaurant in Auburn and the Auburn Alehouse in Historic Old Auburn. Auburn was my home from 1979 to 1982 and I was fortunate to have a horse as well as other large animals, dogs and cats and even a goat. I came home from school and would ride with my friends day after day along the railroad tracks, frontage roads, hillsides, fields and river trails in the Sierra Nevada foothills. I participated in horse shows and rodeos too! It is my dream to ride again! Please tell your friends about the video too! The American river is not only a place for recreation, but is a place for healing and spiritualness as well. I hike the trails all the time! Perhaps, you will join me on a hike sometime through the beautiful river canyon.

Some shows coming up include performing at the 5th Safeground benefit at Luna’s cafe in Sacramento on March 7th ($7 all ages show starts at 7) and featuring Brian Chris Rogers. Also, the band debuts at the Torch club in Sacramento on March 11th. There is no cover for this show. Show starts at 9. On  April 18th, the band is up in Nevada City, California at Cooper’s Saloon with the very popular band Hans and the Hot Mess! Show starts at 9 with a $5 cover. On April 25th, the Jenn Rogar band joins Tamra Phelan band and the Mike Justis Band at Marilyn’s on K street for a full night of folk music in the heart of Sacramento! Enjoy this most unusual warm winter and please conserve water as we are in for a long hot summer! Hope to cross paths soon!

Many blessings! Jenn

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